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08-Sep-2016 01:54

This stands directly at odds with the Biblical claim that God’s existence, eternal power and Godhead are self-evident in His Creation, for it excludes an Intelligent Creator from all consideration. Sadly, statistics demonstrate that children taught godless evolution as scientific truth reject religious truth wholesale! The Bible stands as the inerrant, revealed Word of God.

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Please read the Letter [below] and prayerfully add your signature if you agree with it:“Observable, testable, repeatable science has brought us many benefits and innovations.The founders of modern science were Creationists, “thinking God’s thoughts after Him.” Most of the disciplines within science were founded before Darwin or by scientists who actually rejected his theory.The Scientific Method itself is based on the idea that an orderly creation can be rationally understood because it was designed by an Intelligent Creator.In the light, somewhat humorous style that permeates the book, Ben- Ari concludes, "Currently, the evidence [for gravitons] is controversial, so we must live with the embarrassment of risking our lives on a theory whose mechanism is not fully understood" (p 32).

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Ben-Ari makes his comparative point very clear: "the theory of evolution more than fulfills all of the requirements of scientific 'theoryhood,' even more than the theory of gravitation.

Although Ben-Ari does not focus exclusively on evolution, he does pay it significant attention as he attempts to explain what it means for a scientific idea to rise to the level of theory.

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