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He drags me down to the ground.” When Jake was a toddler he was diagnosed with autism. Jake’s father has not been around since the day Linda told him she was pregnant. ” Linda and Jake, who live in Crumlin, are a family of two.Whoever these imposters are, they have thrown the golden rule of news away for the weekly trash collection, and there’s no coming back from that.It’s been picked up and taken to the dump, along with their credibility.presenter passed away on Sunday "in her husband's arms", according to her agent Sue Latimer.

Download from ALL Filehosts as a premium user at incredibly fast speeds!Blood, gushing now from the dragon as it stumbled off into the distance, filled the streets and flames shot from it’s ears and other unlikely places. The media, once a giant “thing” not to be reckoned with, has been unceremoniously castrated…and what we see now are the angry vermin that were inside, what is now known to be a fraudulent exterior.Ripping it’s own, scale-covered skin on passing cars and the corners of great stone buildings, while screaming, roaring and spitting fire, it fell, to the earth shaking the ground, and with each fall there was a new death rattle…until… Hell’s fire spewed from the open wounds and out of the long gashes came rats…exiting, scurrying, pouring out of the dead beast and running for cover, hiding under every rock and blade of grass, exposing the fact that the beast was never a beast to begin with, but only a shroud, filled with a million tiny rats, that were so easily stepped upon, now that the monster lay rocking back and forth, almost dead. These scumbags, who made up the entity known as MSM, have been completely exposed and I am here to tell you, as someone who worked in broadcast for over 20 years, that there will be no “coming back” from this.“Marie was concerned that he wasn’t making much eye contact and wasn’t talking.

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He had a few words but not as many as you’d expect. I thought they were all nuts, that Marie was being a drama queen.” Jake had developed a habit of eating carpet pile and the wool that he plucked from Linda’s cardigans and jumpers.Linda O’Kane never knows when her son, Jake, will hit her next. In March 2003 his speech and language report from Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, in Crumlin in Dublin, included the statement: “Jake was diagnosed with a moderate to severe severity of autism and severe developmental delay.” In November that year a report on Jake from the South Western Area Health Board described him as “achieving test scores comparable with the severe range of intellectual disability”. “I remember my da giving me a piece of advice, saying you can’t make a man stay with you if he doesn’t want to – just let him off,” she says.

Shortly after the surveys are completed, SCSS issues a comprehensive report to the school detailing their school climate with attention to their strengths and challenges.… continue reading »

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