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It all began in September 2008 on the first day of university.By pure coincidence, their rooms were right opposite each other (although it was only a friendship then).Three years of university passed by as extremely close friends.By the end of it, Pujan was Akansha's 'guardian' at her graduation with this probably being the final goodbye.For the full story of yesterday's elections in Cornwall click here Here is the full run down of councillors in both town and parishes - Lisa Baker-Pannell, Chris Bloomfield, Debra Branch, Craig Dowler, Tom Hoskin, Ronald Jasper, Jason Kendall, Rosalyn May, Marion Mc Callum, Catherine Richards, Wes Smith, Robert Carter, Diana Coward, Paddy Knott, William Lobb, David Pidgen, Gary Shepherd, Henry Cross, Anne Green, Sheila Larsen, Yvonne Martin, Alan Rundle, Samantha Rundle, Joy Bassett, Jeremy Cooper, Leigh Frost, Jacqui Gammon, Elizabeth Ahearn, Phil Cooper, Andy Coppin, Ann Kerridge, Louvain Sanders, Ken Stubbs, Phil Brown, John Gibbs, Sara Kinsman, Karen Phillips, Pete Skea, Trevor Aughey, David Edwards, Mervyn Ellis, Stephen Malcolm, Denis Morgan, John Parker, John Robinson, Sally White Jonanthan Bennett, David Blaney, Bernadette Davey, Mervyn Law, Jennifer Smith, Martin Stanbury, Raymond Willis, Tony Ackland, Howard Bradford, Simon Caddick, Trevor Coleman, Philippa Darby, Karen La Borde, Chris Ralph, Carole Rashleigh, Christine Toms, Tony Woodhams, Rose Wyvern-Batt; Simon Browning, Julia Bryson, Brian Dixon, Lesley Moores, Frank Patridge, Heather Partridge, Norman tucker; Lea Deeley, Peter La Broy, Peter Moores, Bob Willingham, Peter Kelly John Bastin, Malcolm Bennett, Irene Clark, Peter Fairbank, Treve Geraty, Philip Hart, Nigel Hennell, David Heritage, William Palmer Maria Coakley, Jamie Dowdall, Graham Fox, Karen Gold, Andrew Long, Richard Lumley, Mark Smith, Mike Tagg, Suzan Tolman, Peter Watson, Madelaine Burrows, Deborah Smith, Deborah Bunkum, Madelaine Caudron, Dick Hoile, Robert Riggs, David Irons, Roger Alford, Kate Latham, John Wells, Neythen Woolford, Michael Greenwood, Dorothy Kirk, Jim Wakem, Terry Letchford, Dougal Mc Lachlan, John Roberts, Glenys Rooker.David Atherfold, Jeff Collins, John Gillingham, John Herd, William Dalley, Linda Lemon, Rachel Marshall, Graham Winter, Val Dalley, Deborah Fox, Richard Godolphin, Margaret Pearce, Jane Louise Barclay, Rachel Goodman, Val Kelynack, Michael Champion, Dave Wilkins, Micahel Champion, David Wilkins Alan Burgis, Michael Coombes, Aaron Dawe, Susan Elford, Kirsty Ferguson, Shirley Goodman, Emma Grigg, Peter Guesford, Claire Hewlett, Robert Rotchell, Andrew Shaw Julie Best, Peter Claridge, Theresa Irwin, Kathryn Morris, Martin Ridgewell, Gary Rogers, Simon Smart, Gregory Tucker, Peter Tucker Valerie Aldridge, Valerie Chown, Joy Constable, Geoffrey Garbett, Jenifer Gardiner, Carl Martin, Brenda Williams Alan Moore, Ann Taylor, Frances Taylor, Graham Entwistle, Paul Trudgian, Christopher Jordan, Peter Sheppard, Janet Williams, Alan Russell, Robert Drew Angela Blakeway, Robert Hendry, Florence Macdonald, Rosemary Shepherd, Bernard Webb, Diana Cousins, Peter Cousins, Barbara Fielder, Nigel Miles, Malcolm Moyle Brenda Bailey, Marshall Bbearham, John Carley, Alan Crocker, Robin Knill, Martin Stephens, Paul Dyer, Jane Combes, Brian Killingback, Derek Luscombe, Maurice O'Gara, Kathryn Waters, John Andrew, Anthony Bolt, Alan Carter, Paul Carter, Sylvia Dunstan, Eric Nicholls, Teresa Thomson, Neil Wiseman, Wendy Bampfield.

In February 2006 he was the keynote speaker at the 50th Anniversary of the Fulbright Program in Israel, at the Embassy of Israel in Washington, D. Miller is the founder and former chair of the Humanities Council of Washington, D. The author of several collections of poetry, he has written two memoirs, Fathering Words: The Making of An African American Writer (2000) and The 5th Inning (2009). His poetry anthology In Search of Color Everywhere was awarded the PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Award in 1994. In May 2007, Miller was awarded a Virginia Center for Creative Arts Fellowship.

An astonishing 10% of Warwick graduates are married to someone they met at the University. Becky and Neal knew each other throughout their time at Warwick and lived in Rootes F and E blocks in their first year.

If so, we would like to start collecting your stories. If you're planning to marry someone you met here, let us know as well.

All those precious artefacts ended in another one: a book. Fortunately, there are several which fit the bill this season.

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How, for example, has art meshed with history down the centuries? How to Read World History in Art (Ludion, £19.95) must be among the dullest and the least pithy titles of the decade.

It was the year when so much was supposed to change and, for most readers, so little really did.

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