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04-Jan-2017 12:59

If you’re unsure of what you should texting girls, I would watch this video now.

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It's now at night, and they're still working on it. Before I got my order, Ocado sent me an email saying that they replaced some of my items, which is why I’m looking at 48 250ml bottles of water now. His friends were planning on a surprise birthday cake at midnight last night, and one of them told me about it, hoping to split the expense between us, which I was totally cool with.

I'm seriously considering just burning my house down. But I fell asleep before midnight and they didn't even bother to wake me up.

My parents own the company and put him there when they hired him, and now he makes more than me, thanks to their raise. Just to explain a little more, he got the position because it's a mechanic one, and he had a bit more experience than me (but only because his dad showed him some basic mechanic skills, and mine didn't... ) I think part of it also has to do with me being a girl and my parents don't think it's "proper" for a girl to be a mechanic. Today, I went to explore a beach that was rumoured to have big crabs on it instead of the usual small tide pool crabs.

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I found out that the rumours were true went I went to flip over a rock, which was in fact not a rock.

And witty banter lines that you can use for texting girls.

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When a non-chain opens up in our tiny town in the ’burbs, it’s news. I thought back to Hot Bar Owner, a guy who actually existed in our real life, and not just in a catalogue. Even now that we’re married, we still laugh about hot astronomy boy.” She grew thoughtful.… continue reading »

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