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24-Oct-2016 14:52

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My friend Jamie, age 29, always expects her dates—no matter how they met, or who asked out whom—to pick up the tab.She’s financially well-off in her own right, with a successful career and busy social life, but for her, how someone takes care of her on a date represents how well that person will (or won’t) take care of her in all areas of life.

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"I think it’s easy for people to wrap their minds around if they can just think, ’well, that person is just like me, just sitting down is all’.I would stick with 10% if they just met your expectations and did not exceed them, and, for anything less than that, you need to give the caterer nothing more than an earful!I’ll be writing a check for a K catering order, for a two day conference.The most important thing is to gauge whether your values are similar, because that can help you figure out whether this is someone you should keep seeing, she says. “Money is important in relationships right from the get-go.

It’s really symbolic of emotions and an area that can have tremendous meaning.” Below, Fields explains some of her top tips for navigating the awkward topic of money when you’re dating.The respectful date and successful couple match demonstrates that people with disability lead everyday lives and are worth getting to know…

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