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13-May-2016 17:34

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Scientists believe radiation released by an earthquake may be behind the mysterious Shroud of Turin, Christianity's most famous relic.

Many Catholics believe the image on the shroud, purported to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, is a miraculous depiction of Christ.

The nearfield paleotsunamis were produced by great Cascadia earthquakes (Mw8.5 ± 0.5) emanating from the Cascadia Subduction Zone offshore, as previously documented in episodically buried tidal marsh surfaces at the south end of Netarts Bay and in many other estuaries in the region.

The cultural deposits at 35TI74 reflect multiple reoccupations by Native Americans at this barrage creek flood plain site between paleotsunami runup events (≥7.5 m elevation) at 1.3 ka, 1.1 ka, 0.8–0.9 ka, and 0.3 ka.

It commonly is difficult to determine if layers are cut or bent by looking at the ground surface because the surface usually is smoothed out soon after an earthquake by rain, wind, and animal activity.

To get a clearer view of young layers, geologists dig trenches across faults where they know that young deposits have accumulated.

A prehistoric site (35TI74) exposed by sea cliff erosion in 1998 at the south end of the Netarts littoral cell contained a stratigraphic record of activity by prehistoric Native Americans and interbedded paleotsunami deposits.

Earthquakes can offset and disrupt the sedimentary layers that naturally accumulate over time from deposition by rivers, streams, wind, and waves.

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