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(Check out my earlier blog “Is it Love or Infatuation? That intense feeling of closeness, trust, and bonding that comes from oxytocin during the early stages of love (and later stages too as we shall see) is hard to resist.”) Here’s what happens when you have met someone, sparks fly, eyes meet, tummy feels funny all the time and you suddenly feel your heart beating in your chest when you managed never to notice it before:♥ Surge of dopamine. Oxytocin can result in adverse behavior too, depending on the person."Romantic love is akin to an addiction," Fisher said.For instance, two areas of the brain — the ventral tegmental area, a "dopamine factory" associated with craving and obsession, and the nucleus accumbens, which is strongly associated with addiction — are overactive in those who are love struck, she said. In general, people fall for people like themselves: those from the same cultural, religious or socioeconomic background, and level of intelligence or attractiveness.After 30 years of studying the science of romantic love, Dr Helen Fisher is convinced that attraction is closely linked to the chemistry of your personality type and how it matches — or clashes — with that of your chosen partner.Dr Fisher’s research indicates we can be divided into four very different personality types — explorers, builders, directors and negotiators — based on the way our body produces and reacts to the brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin, and the hormones testosterone and oestrogen.Several brain chemicals, including dopamine and testosterone, play a role in a person's drive toward romance, sex and other rewards, Fisher said.

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These hormones impact the way our bodies behave, and influence our minds and thus our perception of reality. Dopamine is the pleasure high, the fireworks, our reward.

Those with high levels of testosterone (whether male or female) fall into a section called directors because they are direct, decisive, tough-minded, exacting and good at strategic thinking.

Finally, personalities dominated by the hormone oestrogen (again, this affects men and women) are dubbed negotiators because they are highly imaginative and empathetic, with great verbal and social skills as well as being adept at connecting disparate facts.

This hormone controls the reward-seeking center of the brain. Nursing a newborn causes it to surge in new mothers. It can result in envy, jealousy, or suspicion, and in highly emotional and imaginative people can lead to stalking. At the beginning of love have you ever felt a little obsessive? You feel anxious, jittery, and your stomach is always full of butterflies? Lowered amounts of serotonin is also seen in people with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

It is associated with a feeling of euphoria, excitement, and (yes) addiction. So part of the normal brain chemistry when love is new is to be a little OCD, and that can be a problem… These hormones, classics during flight or fight situations, make your heart race, palms sweat, and mouth dry.It is the lingering pleasure sensation we get that is less intense than dopamine, but nonetheless a powerful driver for our behaviors. This bonding agent makes us want to connect, physically, with another person. It is a powerful force, one that men sometimes complain about “she wanted to cuddle, I needed to get to work”, and women too “… Oxytocin can be easily fabricated, just with close contact to another human being (or a pet).

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