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08-Nov-2016 04:21

ALMOST THREE YEARS ago myself and my partner (now husband) appeared on the Late Late Show to talk about matchmaking.To this day, 1 in 4 of the people who join our Intro Matchmaking service say that they saw us that night and have been thinking about calling us in the time that has since passed.However, some Eastern Christian Churches celebrate Christmas on December 25 of the older Julian calendar, which currently corresponds to January 7 in the Gregorian calendar, the day after the Western Christian Church celebrates the Epiphany.

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Granted, procrastination is not the only reason why people allow themselves to pass quietly through life all the while nursing a nagging urge to share themselves with a significant other.When we are away from our workplace or usual everyday environment, as we often find ourselves over the holidays, we are likely to feel that we are not being monitored by others to the same extent.Accordingly, we are less likely to experience lowered self-esteem in the event of rejection—and therefore less likely to self-handicap.In the Council of Tours of 567, the Church, with its desire to be universal, "declared the twelve days between Christmas and Epiphany to be one unified festal cycle", thus giving significance to both the Western and Eastern dates of Christmas.

Moreover, for Christians, the belief that God came into the world in the form of man to atone for the sins of humanity, rather than the exact birth date, is considered to be the primary purpose in celebrating Christmas.The truth was that over the previous two years he had increasingly suffered from mental illness and had spent time in psychiatric hospitals.